Youth Mental Health Handbook

Specially crafted for youth, parents, counsellors & healthcare professionals. We proudly present our FIRST ever youth mental health book! The handbook entitled Youth Mental Health in Malaysia is co-authored by Dr Philip George, Dr Sabrina Fernandez and Ms Sharrada Segeran.

Over 2000 copies of our handbook have been distributed for free to schools, universities, refugee centres, community centres, conventions and educational offices across 14 states in Malaysia.

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Sharrada Segaran

Founding Director

Who Are You?
Currently a 3rd year medical student at the Australian National University.

3 Words That Describe You?
Passionate, Hardworking, Kind

One quote you live by:

“What is meant for you will always be yours”

Why Be A Part of Mind Matters?

It is a platform for youth to voice out, be heard and taken seriously. A safe space for like minded people to network and express themselves freely.

More about me:

  1. Chair of the NCMW Youth Wing
  2. Represented Malaysia in the ECOSOC Youth Forum, Asean University Student Council Union and Global Youth Summit.
  3. Co-authored the Handbook on Youth Mental Health
  4. Featured by UNICEF and World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS) international.