It All Starts With Me

(Mind Matters Network x Taylors University Medical Society)

Mental Health Exhibition: It All Starts With Me (MMN x TUMS) was hosted on 8th October 2022 at Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus. This event was curated with the intention of bringing together young adults (aged 16 to 25) and providing a platform to increase understanding and awareness of youth mental health with the theme ‘It All Starts With Me.’

This event featured a forum, a showcase, as well as an open booth! The forum was led by 3 key speakers, Dr Alvin Ng Lai Oon, Ms Evelyn Ngui, Dr Madiha Fuad who spoke on the topic, “The Science of Loving Yourself.” These esteemed professionals also shared on health and wellness as we adjust to life after the pandemic in relation to the theme “It All Starts With Me”.

The showcase encouraged participants to walk through the process of learning and understanding self-compassion fulfilled in the prior events (Letters to Myself, Art Therapy Experiential Workshop) and a storyboard of 3 characters, all relating to the event’s theme.

The open booths included various mental health organizations that facilitated mini-activities relating to the theme. 29 enthusiastic participants attended this mental health exhibition, and some gave us some amazing feedback too!

Mind Matters Network would like to extend its gratitude to Dr Alvin Ng Lai Oon, Ms Evelyn Ngui, Dr Madiha Fuad, Blueprinsm, KauOkTak, AWAS, Art Therapy Academy, PlusVibes, Taylors University, and the Mind Matters Network team




RYLA 2023

Rotary Youth Leadership Award (RYLA) event was held at the scenic Agrotek Garden Resort, Hulu Langat. Picture 85 vibrant and dynamic individuals, aged 18-25, coming together for two days packed with workshops designed to unlock their full employability potential.

Mental Health Literacy Programme

Bringing together a group of like-minded youth, Mind Matters Network (MMN) kickstarted their inaugural Mental Health Literacy Programme at Stella Maris International School on May 13, 2023.

Psychological First Aid Training 2023

HELP University hosted a transformative event where participants came together for a Psychological First Aid (PFA) training program. NCMW collaborated with MMN, HELP University, KKM, and Rotary Malaysia to equip participants with tools to provide immediate support during crises. Inspiring speeches, interactive sessions, and practical exercises empower attendees to make a positive difference in mental well-being.

Sharrada Segaran

Founding Director

Who Are You?
Currently a 3rd year medical student at the Australian National University.

3 Words That Describe You?
Passionate, Hardworking, Kind

One quote you live by:

“What is meant for you will always be yours”

Why Be A Part of Mind Matters?

It is a platform for youth to voice out, be heard and taken seriously. A safe space for like minded people to network and express themselves freely.

More about me:

  1. Chair of the NCMW Youth Wing
  2. Represented Malaysia in the ECOSOC Youth Forum, Asean University Student Council Union and Global Youth Summit.
  3. Co-authored the Handbook on Youth Mental Health
  4. Featured by UNICEF and World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS) international.