Realiti Kesihatan Mental Belia Dan Kanak-Kanak

Conducted By Mind Matters Network

The ‘Realiti Kesihatan Mental Belia Dan Kanak-Kanak’ Webinar is the first ever Malay webinar conducted by the Mind Matters Network with over 120 participants aimed to address mental health issues and bring light to the matter. 

The webinar successfully achieved all objectives set out: 

  • To enhance participants knowledge on the effect of mental health on children and teenagers
  • To enlighten participants on ways to approach, assist and direct children and adolescents  with mental health issues
  • To emphasize the importance of talking about mental health among children and adolescents

The event started off with the showcase of an animated video about the importance of the roles of teachers and schools on the mental health of children and teenagers. The opening ceremony of the youth symposium was done by our guest of honour, Dato Bindi Rajasegaran, District Governor of Rotary 3300. Dato Bindi gave an enlightening speech about mental health day and the theme that the WHO recommended for this year, ‘Mental health for all’. In addition, she also emphasized on the importance of mental health amongst teenagers and children. Our MC of the day, Terrence Hugo further delved into a brief introduction of the importance of mental health for all before passing the floor to the moderator, Shashvini Naidu Nagiah.

A short mentimeter session was played to get an insight on the participants view on what  issues they  think children and teenagers are facing which was hosted by the moderator. A talk on the reality of mental health on children and teenagers was given by Dr Vinogiri Krishnan. She gives a brief introduction on mental health and shares true stories. In addition, she also educates the participants on what we can do to help people with mental health disorders. Last but not least, the moderator had a few questions in store for Dr Vinogiri Krishnan to give the participants a clearer view on the topic discussed.

Overall the webinar was a huge success and Mind Matters Network would like to extend it’s gratitude to our guest of honour, our speakers and our participants for making this event so memorable!



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Sharrada Segaran

Founding Director

Who Are You?
Currently a 3rd year medical student at the Australian National University.

3 Words That Describe You?
Passionate, Hardworking, Kind

One quote you live by:

“What is meant for you will always be yours”

Why Be A Part of Mind Matters?

It is a platform for youth to voice out, be heard and taken seriously. A safe space for like minded people to network and express themselves freely.

More about me:

  1. Chair of the NCMW Youth Wing
  2. Represented Malaysia in the ECOSOC Youth Forum, Asean University Student Council Union and Global Youth Summit.
  3. Co-authored the Handbook on Youth Mental Health
  4. Featured by UNICEF and World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS) international.